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Mission and Values

Little School Mission Statement

Empowering Future Minds.

Little School Values

Empathy, Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Empowerment


Empathy is the capacity to recognise feelings that are being experienced by another person.  Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to be compassionate, tolerant and care.


Trust is having faith in someone or something. It allows us to have meaningful relationships with other people. You are confident that the right thing will happen without trying to control it or make it happen.


We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat others with dignity and honor the rules of our family, school and nation. Respect yourself, and others will respect you.


Loyalty is staying true to someone. It is standing up for something you believe in without wavering. It is being faithful to your family, country, school, friends or ideals, when the going gets tough, as well as when things are good. With loyalty, you build relationships that last forever.


Honesty is being truthful and sincere. It is important because it builds trust. When people are honest, they can be relied on not to lie, cheat or steal. Being honest means that you accept yourself as you are. When you are open and trustworthy, others can believe in you.


Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.


We have 4 little schools:

Churton Park
St Heliers

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